“We began working with Masada Bakery in 2006. At that time, they produced, and distributed bread to five of our restaurants located in the South East.  Because of their quality, consistency and punctual deliveries, Masada Bakery now serves over 300 of our restaurants.   Their knowledge, responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction are to be commended. We look forward to many years of business!”

-Five Guys Foods, LLC

“Let’s face it….we wouldn’t be nearly as successful if the people who make our food didn’t care about quality and nutrition as much as we did. It’s true. We can’t make everything ourselves, so it’s nice to know that kindred spirits are out there in every facet of our business to help us carry the message that real food is best for everyone… Masada Bakery has gone out if its way to work with us. When we chose to cut out trans-fat from all our products, Masada quickly jumped in with trans-fat free breads. When we chose to go with organic breads, Masada Bakery went out and became certified organic.”
-Jason’s Deli 

“We are highly impressed with the quality of the breads and other items. Out guests notice the items immediately and love them.”
-Residence Inn, GA





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