FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Here’s a few frequently asked questions, to view the answers please click on the question

How can I open an account for my business?
Please call our Customer Service office at 404-377-4555 and provide us with your business address, phone number, and a contact name. We will have a Sales representative contact you as soon as possible.
What is the deadline to place my bread order?
Please call our Customer Service office at 404-377-4555 to place your bread order by 5:00pm EST two days before your scheduled delivery day Monday to Friday, and by 3:00pm EST on Saturdays. For changes to next-day orders, please call the customer service team on 404.377.4555. . You will need to call on Saturday by 3PM for any Monday deliveries. Please remember, our office is closed on Sundays.
What can I do if I have missed the 5:00PM deadline?
Please call our our Customer Service office at 404-377-4555. There is still a chance that we can fill your order and have it delivered. We fill all Late Orders on a first come, first served basis, if the product is available.
Can I fax or email my bread order?
Yes! You can fax your orders to us at 404-377-7377 (don’t forget to add your business name and phone number). Please call our Customer Service office or your sales representative if you are interested in emailing your bread orders.
Why do I need to place my order in 2-days ahead of time?
As a fresh bakery, all of our items are all baked to order to ensure maximum freshness. Please order in advance. However you can always call our Customer Service office or your sales representative, if you would like us to suggest alternative products that are made daily.
Is Masada Bakery open to the public (sold retail)?
Unfortunately, we are not open to the public. But we do sell our products on a limited basis in Kroger, Whole Foods and select grocers in the GA markets. At this time, we do not offer online or mail ordering capabilities to the public.
What is the delivery schedule in my area?
We deliver our fresh bread products throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Please call our Customer Service office at 404-377-4555 or your sales representative to learn about specific order days in your area.

Do you carry gluten free bread?
Yes! We have a selection of gluten free products. Please reach out to our customers service or sales teams for more information.
What do you mean when you say whole grain?
Whole grain means taking the entire grain and processing it for flour. White or processed flours only take the center of the kernel, resulting in lower nutritional value and less fiber. For more information, please visit www.grainpower.org
Do you use nuts, soy, eggs or dairy products in your facility?
We do NOT use nuts in our facility at all. But we do use soy-based ingredients in many of our recipes. We also include eggs or dairy products in specific product recipes. If one of your customers has a serious allergy, please call our Customer Service office at 404-377-4555 for product-specific ingredient information.
Do you make any sweet baked items?
Yes! Please see our product catalog, or call the office for a complete list of muffin and pastry items we offer.

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