Every product that comes out of our ovens is made without the use of synthetic materials. We boast baking all-natural goods that we believe taste truly great. Our passion for serving the most wholesome foods is a pledge to the environment, your health, and your taste buds.

No Trans Fats!
Unsaturated fats or “trans fats,” have long been known to be related to various health risks. Consuming trans fats increases the risk of heart disease by raising levels of bad cholesterol. Countless studies have shown that eating trans fats can also increase your risk for obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Avoiding the bad stuff just makes sense to us.

Freshest Ingredients!
We realize that if we want to create the best tasting products, we have to use the freshest ingredients, it’s really as simple as that. When you bite into one of our foods, there is no doubt that our ingredients were recently harvested.

Highest Quality!
Masada Bakery strives to be anything but your average bakery. We are a passionate artisan bakery with a vision of bringing you only the best in flavor and nutrition. The high quality products we offer you, are a result of this.

So Many Choices!
We don’t just bake a few products, we specialize in a vast world of baked goods. From the pleasures that satisfy your sweet tooth, to hearty sides that compliment your fancy dinner, we are a baker that can truly do it all.

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