Meet Our Team

Koby Stein, PresidentHezi As President of Masada Bakery, Koby is committed to nothing less than complete satisfaction from every customer.  Overseeing operations, sales and product development, he strives to meet the needs of his customers today and tomorrow.
Hezi Stein, Founder
Founder of Masada, he continues to pour his passion for excellence into the bakery daily.  Hezi takes pride in the superior quality of their breads and pastries and knows that their commitment to Old World practices is embodied in every roll that is packaged up for delivery.
Jackie Bouysou, Manager Human Resources
Jackie Bouysou
As HR Manager of Masada Bakery, Jackie is responsible for hiring, training, organization development, policy enforcement and employee relations.
Michael Scalera, Controller
Michael Scalera
As Controller Michael is responsible for financial aspects of the business.  Knowing how critical quality ingredients are for a superior product, he balances the needs of the bakery on many levels.
Lamar Laird,   Engineering Manager
Lamar Laird
With years of experience, Lamar keeps his watchful eye on all areas of the bakery’s operations.  He assures that our production timetables are met for our customers.
Thomas Maruhn, Distribution Manager
Thomas Maruhn
As our distribution manager, Thomas works with our clients across the southeast to make sure deliveries are timely, preserving our reputation of only the finest bakery products.
Alan Fishman, Business Manager
Alan Fishman
Alan coordinates all aspects of customer ordering and invoicing.  He makes sure that the business of the bakery is held to the same high standards as all of our baked goods.

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